Ferrari 355 Climate control A/C 63307100
Timing Actuator - Repair

ECU Fits Years: 1994-1999

Warranty: 1 Year

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Ferrari 355 Climate Control Timing Actuator 63307100

You are purchasing the repair service of your Climate Control Timing Actuator. Your timing actuator will be inspected, diagnosed, and repaired. A broken plastic gear is the most common cause for actuator failure.

We have designed a better and more reliable Nylon gear that will not disintegrate over time.

We perform bench tests for the ultimate in diagnostics and reliability, ensuring that you receive a Plug and Play product, Guaranteed! Note that we have developed a bespoke bench test setup for this application.

NOTE: Repair Form must be filled out BEFORE you ship the Timing actuator.


Our standard Process for Testing Before We Repair Anything:

  1. We start with a complete visual inspection.
  2. We perform a bench test.
  3. Lastly, we report findings to customers for approval of repair.

Bad timing actuator Common Symptoms:

  • The Hot / Cold blend function from Climate Control Unit won't work.
  • No operation of Blend motors.
  • Stuck A/C blend doors.


Repairs take between 5 to 7 days once we receive the unit at our offices.


Climate control location

Timing actuator is located on right side of Evaporator box assembly.

Ferrari 355 Climate control A/C 63307100
Timing Actuator - Repair