FAQ with VIDEOS about our ECU Repair Services

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Repair Cost: How much is it to get my ECU repaired?
Select your car from the drop down menus on the left of the page, and you will see the control unit that fits your car and what we charge for it.

Otherwise call us to get an accurate estimate. Our repair costs range from $275 - $875.
Please call (954) 652-1496 to get an estimate.
Repair & Return: What is Repair and Return Service?

Repair and Return service means that you send your unit to our location. We test, diagnose the unit, and repair it if it is needed, then we send it back to you.

Step 1:    Fill out the Repair and Return Form.
Step 2:    Go to your email and print the email confirmation.
Step 3:    Send the Repair Form along with your ECU to:
                Specialized ECU Repair
                941 NE 48 St
                Oakland Park, FL 33334
Step 4: A Technician will call you to follow-up on the Repair.
Core Exchange: What is a Core Exchange Service?

First, we send you an rebuilt ECU from our stock. Once you receive our ECU, you send us back your damaged ECU core.

We collect a "Core Charge" with all exchanges to ensure that the exchange is completed. When we receive your ECU core at our office, we refund the core charge immediately.

ECU cores must be returned within 5 days of the delivered date in order to receive the refund of the core deposit. You may be subject to additional charges, in addition to a cancelled warranty, if you do not return your old ECU core within 5 days of receiving your new rebuilt ECU.

ECU's returned in a non-rebuildable condition, such as water damaged, fire damaged or manipulated ECUs, may receive a partial refund or no refund at all.
Turnaround time: How long will it take to get my ECU repaired?
In most cases the usual turnaround time is 5 days.
Testing: What if you find that my ECU is good? How much is it for testing?
If we find the your ECU is in good working condition, it is only $95 for Testing.
If needed, A Technician is available to help diagnose where the problem could be on your car.
Programming: Do I need to "Reprogram" my ECU after you repair it?

No, once we repair your unit, it will be "Plug and Play". We only work on the "Hardware" of the ECU's therefore we don't deal with the software programming.
Performance Loss: I have a Performance Chip/Upgrade. Will I lose the performance when you repair my ECU?
No. In most of the cases the performance upgrade has nothing to do with the problems in the ECU. Therefore, we don't touch them. In very rare cases, if we diagnose that the performance tune is the cause of the problem in the unit, we will recommend switching back to the stock configuration.
5-Year Warranty: What does the 5-Year warranty cover?
Our warranty covers all ECU repairs for 5 years from the original purchase date on the Sales Invoice. On exchanges, the 5-Year Warranty begins from the day that we receive your old unit at our location.

Our warranty does not cover any damage to the repaired, or exchanged ECU, that results from improper installation, accident, collision, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient or excessive electrical supply, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.

If any security seals are tampered with, the warranty will be cancelled. Contact us before you open the ECU in the case that you want to install a performance chip.

The warranty will not be awarded without a copy of the Sales Invoice and Warranty Form.

**Also, please Note that warranty is non-transferable if the car is sold to another person.**

We are not responsible if a car's warranty with the manufacturer is voided by using replacement parts supplied by us.
Water Damage: Can you repair a water damaged ECU?
It depends on how severe the damage is. If the damage is very minimal, it can be repaired, otherwise we will suggest to replace your ECU with another unit from our stock.
Water Damaged Porsche Immobilizer Alarm? How we replace and reprogram the Immo in Boxster or 911 996
Location: Where are we located?
We are in Oakland Park, FL, USA.
Our Address is:
941 NE 48 St
Oakland Park, FL 33334
Beyond Repair ECU: What if my ECU cannot be rebuilt?
In the case that your ECU is damaged beyond repair, we will have one of our Technicians give you a call to suggest either a new replacement or a reprogramming of another ECU to match your car.
Emissions: Will my car pass an emissions test?
If your ECU has not been enhanced with a performance software upgrade, you should pass the emissions test.
Shipping Speed and Costs: What's the standard shipping speed and how much does it cost?
UPS Ground shipping usually costs between $14 - $22 and takes about 3-6 days (depending on where you are located)
A tracking number will be sent automatically to your email.
International Shipping: How much?
For International shipments, we only use UPS Express (Saver) 5-Day delivery for $80 - $120 since we have noticed that UPS is easier to get through customs.

On Exchanges for International shipments ONLY, there is an additional $100 Core included in the shipping charges which count towards the core charge deposit. Once we receive the ECU core back, you will be refunded the original core charge plus the additional $100 core charge.
ECU Shipping: How should I ship my damaged ECU?

Wrap your ECU with cushioning material (bubble wrap, foam paper, etc.) to avoid damages to the ECU during shipping. If you have to send extra parts like: clips, eprom memories, etc., please attach to the ECU with masking tape. Specialized ECU Repair will not be responsible for extra parts lost during shipping or for extra parts not declared on the Repair and Return Form.
Refund Policy: What's your Refund/Return Policy?

Testing, Programming and Shipping Fees are Non-Refundable.

On repairs or exchanges, no refunds will be issued unless we have exhausted all the possibilities to resolve the problem or warranty matter through a repair, or replacement. It is the responsibility of the owner to consult with us about any problems or warranty issues, before going to a third party for a diagnosis or a resolution.

Exchanged units can be returned to receive a refund minus a 35% Re-stocking fee within 10 business days of receiving the unit.

Repaired ECU's can be refunded 100%.

If we approve a refund, please allow up to 5 business days for us to process the refund.

Terms of Service: Please also read our TOS.
All the general details about our Terms of Service