Porsche 944 Performance Tuning Chip

Fits Years: 1986-1989

Warranty: 30 days 

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We ship our Rasant Tuning Chip with instructions on how to install the chip in the DME yourself.

Afterwards your DME will be ready to install in the car and run - Plug & Play.


With our vast experience in Porsche ECU repair, we are proud to offer our Rasant Performance Tuning Chip.

The software upgrades in these chips are specifically designed for Porsche 944.

We make the Installation easy for you with our Instructional Video and Follow-Along Instructions.

Porsche Chip Upgrade Features: 

  • +15% Horsepower
  • +20% Torque
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Better Fuel Economy

Since the Rasant Performance Tuning Chip is made specific to your Porsche 944, we will need your car's Bosch ECU number and Chip Pins, (24 Pins or 28 Pins).

The Rasant Performance Chip for Porsche includes:

  • Performance Chip
  • Chip Installation Video
  • 100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee


How to install the ECU

Porsche 944 Performance Tuning Chip