Porsche Cayenne
Steering Lock Module "ELV" - Repair

ELV Fits Years: 2004 - 2010

Repair price: $ 399.00

Warranty: 1 Year

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$399.00 399.00


For this service send us the Kessy Immobilizer, Steering Lock module "ELV" and Keys with the Service Form filled out.

(Note: Pack your ELV Set properly to avoid damage during shipping.)

Cayenne Kessy set


Once we receive your ELV Set, we will test and diagnose them. You will receive an e-mail with our diagnostic and recommendation about our findings.

After the initial testing is done we will contact you to inform the results and ask you for approval to complete the Job.

Average Job turn around: 5 days

Note: Service Form must be filled out BEFORE you ship the ELV set.



The module is located in the steering column and typically will fail causing the message on the cluster display as "Steering Faulty", the car will not start when the problem is active or not corrected.

Removal of the module is easy accomplished with the provided detailed instructions and simple tools from the hardware store.

ELV PART NUMBER: 4E0 905 852 D


Porsche Cayenne
Steering Lock Module "ELV" - Repair