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ECU Issues? Discover our Testing and Diagnostics Process

If you think your ECU is causing car problems, send it to us through our Repair and Return Service. We’ll diagnose it to confirm whether it’s good or bad. Avoid unnecessary expenses on parts and mechanics diagnostics by choosing our Repair and Return Service. If your ECU is in good condition,  the testing fee is only $149.



Our 4 Stage Process for Testing Before We Repair Anything:

1. We start with a complete visual inspection.   

2. We then check the software and programming. 

3. We perform a bench test.   

4. Lastly, we do dynamic test in the same model car.   

And if your ECU needs to be repaired, we’ll guarantee it for 5 years!  


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Client Reviews: Our Quality, Their Words
Jul 02, 24
Rick B.

My '97 Boxster had an intermittent no start problem. I suspected the DME and/or immobilizer and had the local Porsche dealer verify it with their Porsche diagnostic equipment ($300). They said 98% sure it was DME/Immobilizer, but they could not fix it. Instead of having them find an outside vendor to fix it I took the car back (total of $225 towing). I searched for ECU repair on Google and found two places, one with horrible reviews, the other (Specialized ECU Repair) with good reviews and recommendations on the Porsche forums.
I sent Specialized ECU Repair my DME, Immobilizer, and key. Their fee is $149 for diagnosis. It turned out the Immobilizer needed repair $696, and they shipped it back $29. I received it yesterday, installed the DME and Immobilizer, and the car started immediately. So far no problems.
I recommend this company.

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Jul 02, 24
Rex A.

Great experience! Super knowledgeable team. I have a 96 993 C4S that locked up the end of this summer, alarms going off and wouldn’t start… ended up having it towed back to my shop. It was a mess
So I pulled the main ECU, the immobilizer computer and alarm computer and shipped everything to these guys in Florida.
The experience was very detailed and organized. Communication was clear.
We ended up doing the immobilizer delete, a new keyfob, full refresh of all the computer boards and components and stage 1 performance upgrade.
Everything shipped back to me safe and in tip top shape. Instructions were clear I got everything reinstalled and she fired right up, they keyfob works great. Now all I have to do is remove the immobilizer bulb in the gauge cluster so it stops flashing.
Would highly recommend

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Dec 23, 23
Phouthakone T.

I want to thank ECUDoctors did fantastic job on my 1999 Porsche Boxster for my immobilizer send it in November to repair because of the board corrosion. My car had no start or crank, alarm go off by itself and window sometime came down by itself. I send the immobilized in I end up got new immobilizer and now she back on the road again thank you guy good job big A plus!!

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