How We Do It

ECU faulty? This How we Check, Test and Diagnose your ECU

If you think that your ECU is causing problems in your car, send us your engine computer through our Repair Service Program. We’ll diagnose, repair, and return your ECU with a 5-year warranty.


ECU Repair Service Program

1. You Fill Out a Repair & Return Form    

2. We Diagnose Your ECU  

3. We Repair & Rebuild Your Unit    

4. We Return Your Unit    

Five-Day Turnover & Five-Year Guarantee  


The Step-by-Step Process of our ECU Repair Service

1. Filling Out Your Repair & Return Form

This is where you tell us what is going on with your car and how the problem is happening. For example, we want you to outline whether the issue happens in your car when it is cold vs when it is hot.

Sometimes when you send us your engine computer, you’ll have to send in the keys to the car and your security module. Why? Because sometimes these all need to be tested together as a set.

2. How We Test, Check & Diagnose Your ECU

Once we get your engine computer, we’ll be able to diagnose your unit and confirm whether it’s actually good or bad. If, however, your ECU is in good condition, testing is only $149.

  • 1. We start with a complete visual inspection. Our testing & rebuilding process for any Bosch Motronic ECU or DME starts with a deep visual evaluation of the circuit board and all the electronic components. From water or acid corrosion, to fire or burn damage, we pay attention to every detail. We also scan the ECU memory or CPU to make sure that it is working properly.

  • 2. We then check the software and programming

  • 3. We perform a bench test. We then test the ECU's with our proprietary electronic lab equipment on our bench, which emulates the car's engine. We have developed a specific tester for every European car brand we rebuild to ensure accuracy in every diagnosis.

  • 4. Lastly, we do a dynamic test in the same model car

If it’s good, our testing service is only $149 and we’ll send it back to you. If it’s bad, we’ll move forward with rebuilding and repairing it with a guarantee of 5 years.

3. The Rebuilding Process

  • 1. We replace the damaged parts as well as the weaknesses.

    First, we replace the components that are commonly known to fail, this step guarantees the reliability and quality of the repair for the lifetime of the unit.

  • 2. We conduct more bench tests.

    After the unit passes all bench tests, key components are re-soldered to ensure an optimum transfer of signals and required voltages.

  • 3. We repaint the covers.

    Before the unit is put back in its cover, we paint the covers with high temperature resistant, specially formulated automotive paint, but this is optional.

4. Return

Lastly, to be completely clear about our repair process, our technician writes an ECU Repair Summary which explains the entire diagnostics and repair process for each unit.

We then ship it back to you with a 5-year warranty.

What is the Cost of Repairing my ECU?

The cost of the repair depends on the ECU that fits your car. On our website, navigate to the top menu bar and select your Car Make, Model & Year to see the units that fit your car and how much it costs to fix it.

When we fix your engine computer, we fix what is damaged AND any other areas that we consider weaknesses that these units are prone to go bad for because when we finish, we want to make sure you are happy for a long time. With our standard 5 year warranty you will be happy for a long time after we return your unit.

7-Day Turnover & 5-Year Guarantee

We respect your time. Therefore, most units have a turnaround time of 7 days once we get it at our shop. 

We are so thorough and dedicated that we ship all ECU's with a 5-Year Warranty.

Click The Button Below and Fill out the Repair & Return Form and send us your unit today!