Warranty Process

When there's an issue with a control unit that we have either sold you or repaired or exchanged for your car, here is how our warranty process works:

  1. First, use our troubleshooting guide to rule out any problems that are not related to the engine computer. If you suspect that the issue may be related to the control unit, use the guide to check for fuel pressure, relays, fuses, or other potential causes.

  2. If you have checked everything and determined that there is an issue with the climate control unit, engine computer, immobilizer system, or another component that we worked on, you can send it back to us for a warranty check.

  3. We will perform a visual inspection, check the programming, and conduct a bench test. Finally, we will hook up your computer into one of our cars to check if there's an issue with the computer that we worked on for you. If we find that the computer is actually defective and it is our fault, we will fix it for you completely free and send it back to you. We stand by our promise to deliver a good product.

  4. If we find that the computer is actually working perfectly, we will record a video with our cell phones and demonstrate how the computer performs in the vehicle. We will check for fault codes, remote problems, AC system functionality, and more. If we cannot duplicate the issue in our car, the issue must be located in your car, and we have no recourse to help you out in any way. We will record a video to demonstrate that everything is working fine, and you can eliminate the computer as a possibility in your diagnostics and focus on the rest of the vehicle.

  5. If we need to retest your computer, there will be a re-testing fee of $149 for us to go through a trouble of rechecking again visual inspection software doing a bench test doing a test dynamically in a car.

We stand by our work and want to provide you with a product that is flawlessly working. That's why we have a warranty service in which we go above and beyond to honor our word and fix any mistakes we may have made during the repair or reprogramming process.

Thank you for choosing our services. We appreciate your business!