These terms of service form part of the contract (“agreement”) between Specialized ECU Repair (in this agreement “we” or “us”) (hereinafter referred to as “Specialized ECU”) and the customer (in this agreement “you” or "your") that is formed when you sign a form issued by us that describes the services that we will perform or when you book in a vehicle, we agree to sell products to you, or conversely, you send products to us as part of the overall services provided.

You acknowledge that these terms of service embody the whole agreement between you and us. You agree that the scope and terms of service may change as a result of updated instructions from you. By booking your vehicle and/or offering to buy products (or conversely send products) you agree to be bound by this agreement.




Specialized ECU provides diagnostics on specifically advertised products for the amount of $149.00. A diagnostic fee is non-negotiable and valid for every visit and/or job entry made for your control units. Waiver of the diagnostic fee only occurs under the instance that you move forward with a specified service or warranty repair. The diagnostic service includes a full multi-point inspection that involves a complete visual inspection, software inspection, bench testing, and a dynamic vehicle test. During visual inspection, it is required we open your control unit potentially removing warranty seals, if present. During our software inspection we occasionally retain files for future warranty services. Our software inspection is conducted with a factory scan tool, wherein we check revisions of software common to the OEM manufacturer. We do not program or manually rewrite any software during this step and ensure any changes in software can be reverted to its original state when received. A bench test is an engine simulation, which allows us to replicate the running conditions of your unit. A dynamic test is the equivalent of placing your control unit on your own vehicle, it involves the installation of your computer set on our vehicles.

During the diagnostic testing, Specialized ECU shall not be responsible for any warranties voided due to the opening of components. As a valued customer of Specialized ECU, you agree to authorize us the right to open these units potentially voiding any future warranties with other parties. Retention of software is not always a guarantee so at times prior information has the potential to be lost and cannot be retrieved unless your control unit is physically in our presence. We cannot modify mileage during any software modifications, only the vin can be modified. In the event there is visible water or burn damage on your control unit, we reserve the right to skip/deny any specific test procedure(s) to ensure our equipment is not exposed to risk or damage due to potential electrical surge. Our vehicles are not road driven, cannot test driving conditions, and cannot be stressed under load. The vehicles are typically partial frames with working electronics and original engines installed, they are not complete vehicles. Any repairs performed are correcting specifically engine start and idle. We are not liable for any conditions under load as this is a test procedure that cannot be performed.

After diagnosis is complete, a report will be sent via email from our technicians with their findings on your units. Under most instances, only damages to the control unit will be reported, the information shared is typically generalized for customer understanding. Specific component tests can only be performed prior to the release of our diagnostic report and are not guaranteed. If we are able to perform the special diagnostic and requests are made after diagnostics reports are released, then a $149.00 additional fee will be charged for re-diagnosis. The report will be delivered to your email and will always come directly from our technician. Our technicians do not provide direct communication with customers due to the large amounts of incoming jobs. For specific questions please reach out to our customer service support team.




Prior to sending your parts out to Specialized ECU, you will be prompted to input a your credit card information before completion into our repair form. Specialized ECU Repair does not process any payments prior to diagnostics unless specifically requested by the customer. Under instances that the customer is purchasing an outright or exchange; product payment must be made prior to processing. Processing is when our technicians receive job requests, then proceed to build, prepare, or remove the product from inventory to prepare for shipment.

After receipt of the job, our technicians will issue a diagnostics that our sales team will interpret for you. At the time of interpretation the sales agent will create an invoice with an explanation of why each product or service is needed at the time You will also be offered optional upsells at the time. In the event a tech recommended service is denied, the customer assumes all responsibility for future complications. If no service is conducted and all work is denied the customer is still liable to the $149.00 testing fee and shipping, if applicable. After the payment service cannot be canceled, or refunded if the decision to move forward or circumstances change. Our sales and customer service agents are not technicians and cannot be considered a valuable provider of technical resources, lingo, detail, information, or operation. When explaining diagnostics, they will only be able to provide details based on our technicians' reports on the job. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make an informed decision on the product or service(s) purchased.


Five (5) Year Warranty


Our warranty covers specifically advertised products for five (5) years from the original purchase date on the Sales Invoice. On exchange and outright purchases, the five (5)-Year Warranty begins from the day of receipt provided by tracking information provided by the designated mail courier.

Our warranty does not cover any damage to the repaired or exchanged ECU that results from improper installation, accident, exposure to water or fire, collision, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient or excessive electrical supply, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification. If any security seals are tampered with, the warranty will be canceled. Contact us before you open the ECU in the case that you want to install a performance chip. If being flashed by a separate entity, tuner or automotive shops, then the unit loses all software warranties and will only remain with a limited hardware warranty. The limited hardware warranty includes any damages to the unit directly related to the product's original manufacturing by Specialized Ecu repair or specific repairs after service.

No warranty shall be valid without a copy of the Sales Invoice. A Copy of your sales invoice will be in the original email provided to us during your order. If you cannot access the original invoice please send an email to info@ecudoctors.com with the subject line “warrant-your name”. One of our agents will respond within 72 hours and assist you. For expedited assistance you may call our main line.

Your warranty is not transferable nor assignable, if the car is sold to another person or entity. If the service (hereinafter defined as any product and or labor provided by Specialized ECU that thereafter is sold to a dealer or shop, and not to a direct consumer) is purchased through a shop or dealer, the warranty remains with the business entity and cannot be transferred to the owner. The shop reserves the right to release the warranty to the owner only after approval has been received by Specialized Ecu . Transfers can only occur from an entity to a private party on one occasion and only under approval by _an entity, including but not limited to a repair shop, dealer and or body shop.

We are not responsible for any car's warranty with the manufacturer that is voided by using replacement parts supplied by us. All of our products are OEM, but on occasion you may receive original parts from the manufacturer. These parts may not be qualified for manufacturer warranties as their seals will be broken for programming. The manufacturer reserves the right to honor your warranty and is not affiliated with Specialized Ecu.


Warranty claim Terms & Process


Warranty claims cannot be resolved through the phone and will be redirected to the proper warranty channels set in place. Warranty claims must be submitted using the web link provided by our team which will be sent to you via email.

Units need a warranty approval number (RMA) which we will supply AFTER the Warranty Form is filled out and reviewed by our technicians. The technician will determine any of these three (3) different courses of action to respond to the claim within one (1 to 2) two business days of the form being submitted:

  1. We’ll ask to send in the unit for a warranty check. (Usual turnaround time of five (5) to ten (10) business days applies).
  2. We’ll replace the unit by sending another control unit (Usually five (5 to 10) ten business days to ship the part.).
  3. We’ll respond by email with a solution that does not require going through the warranty process (one (1) to (2) business days).

Units received for warranty check without permission from the technician or warranty number (RMA) will be shipped back to the sender's address via UPS ground with $100.00 insurance. The RMA number MUST be written on the outside of the box prior to sending the module to us.

For local drop offs the warranty must still be filled and approved by our technician prior to retrieval. We will not accept the unit in person if this form is not filled out. We apologize for the inconvenience of the drive, but specific procedures must be followed in order to ensure proper repair.

In the case of a unit tested under warranty and found to be in perfectly working condition, another $149.00 testing fee will be charged plus the additional return shipping cost to the customer. Otherwise, if found defective, we will repair or replace the unit free of charge, and we will cover the ground shipping for USA customers only. International customers must pay for their own shipping charges. Any and all expedited shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.

If the technician determines that an exchange will solve the problem, we will then need to collect a tester deposit before sending another unit for replacement. We will cover USA ground shipping for both units only. International customers must pay for their own shipping charges. Specialized ECU shall not be responsible for any shipping costs from any International customer directed to Specialized ECU’s Oakland Park address. The tester deposit will be returned to the customer in full after the defective (or the exchange unit) is returned to us without un-rebuildable defects (this does not include shipping fees).

Specialized ECU will not be responsible for garage storage fees, labor charges, car rental fees, towing charges, or any other type of fee charged to the customer or mechanic from any third-party, or repair shop, during or after the time of the warranty process.


Refund Policy


Testing, Programming, and Shipping Fees are Non-Refundable.

On repairs or exchanges, no refunds will be issued unless we have exhausted all the possibilities to resolve the problem or warranty matter through a repair or replacement. It is the responsibility of the owner to consult with us about any problems or warranty issues before going to a third-party for a diagnosis or a resolution. Failure to discuss matters with us prior will void the warranty and all possibility of refunds.

Exchanged units can be returned to receive a refund minus a 35% Restocking fee within ten (10) business days of receiving the unit. If associated with a core charge then a core refund can only be issued within 15 days of receipt of the original control unit. After 15 days the customer will be deducted a 3.5% daily core charge.

Repaired ECUs can be refunded 100% after confirmation from our technicians that a solution cannot be provided through warranty.

If we approve a refund, please allow up to five (5) business days for us to process the refund. All refunds will be reversed to the original payment method used by the customer. If the original payment method is no longer accessible, we are only authorized to provide PayPal refunds.


ECU Repair Service


Most repairs have a five ((5) to (7)) seven-day turnaround time. Due to seasonality and an increase in workload, turnaround time can be up to ten (10) business days. Depending on the severity and complexity of the damage in the ECU, some repairs can take more time. Specialized ECU will not be responsible for garage storage fees, labor charges, car rental fees, towing charges, or any other type of fee charged to the customer from any third-party, or repair shop, during or after the time of the repair.

Upon arrival of the ECU to our shop, the ECU will be inspected and tested before we begin to repair it. If after testing the ECU, we find that the unit is damaged beyond repair due to fire damage, water damage, or a defective CPU, the customer will be contacted immediately and advised to get a replacement ECU. In such a case, an ECU replacement quote will be provided to the customer before we go any further.

Since many of the ECUs that we repair are over 15 years old and their old components can fail at any given time, each ECU repair will also have their most important parts updated with new components to ensure the length of the 5 Year Warranty.


ECU Exchange Service


Cores must be returned to our office within 15 days of the delivery date to receive the refund of the core charge. As mentioned above, after the 15 th day, you will be deducted a 3.5% daily core charge from your account.

You must make your own shipping arrangements to return the core. ECUs returned in non-rebuildable condition, such as water-damaged, fire-damaged, or manipulated ECUs, may receive a partial refund, or no refund at all. Specialized ECU has complete discretion, based on its expertise in making the final determination of whether a partial or no refund is warranted.

Once a core is received because of an exchange, they are rebuilt and become part of our stock. We cannot promise nor guarantee the return of any cores received during our exchange process.




UPS is our preferred and Main carrier.

UPS Ground costs $29 within the United States. These packages take between 1-6 days to reach their destination depending on your location.

  • UPS 3rd Day - $39
  • UPS 2nd Day Air - $49
  • UPS Next Day Air - $89

Shipments going to Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii usually cost $49. Shipping & Handling Standard to Canada costs $49. For International shipments, we only use UPS Express Saver 5-Day delivery for $120 since we have noticed that this UPS service is easier to pass through customs.

All of our shipments are automatically insured for $100.00. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us in writing if they want us to insure the package for the full price of the contents within the box. The customer will have to pay the additional cost of the insurance. We shall not responsible for any lost or damaged packages after they are shipped from our office.

Before you pack your ECU to send it to us, wrap it with cushioning material (bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or paper). This will avoid damages to the unit during shipping. Specialized ECU is not responsible for any damages that are sustained during or as a result of shipment.

Please, use the smallest box possible when you send your ECU to us.


Additional Terms


We hereby disclaim any liability for damages to modules occurring after delivery by a carrier to the customer provided address. While we ensure safe delivery, any damages resulting from external factors such as weather, theft, incorrect address, mishandling, etc., are to be addressed directly with the courier. Specialized ECU assumes no responsibility and does not offer refunds for services or products due to such occurrences.

Specialized ECU absolves itself from any and all liability for any subsequent damages to vehicles. All our products undergo thorough diagnostics before leaving our facility. In the event a customer perceives our module as faulty, they must adhere to our warranty process, subject to review. Customers are prohibited from claiming and alleging any chargebacks or refunds if, subsequent to completing our warranty form, their request is denied.

The return of all items must adhere to specific conditions. Items must be returned in their original packaging with the warranty sticker intact. Any tampering or removal of warranty stickers will void the warranty, and future support will be forfeited. Requests to remove seals must be formally requested and approved to maintain warranty coverage.

Specialized ECU bears no responsibility for packages arriving without a filled-out warranty form. We will make reasonable attempts to contact the sender, and if unsuccessful, we reserve the right to return the items or assimilate them into our inventory, provided this option is not possible. After 90 days of non-contact to the customer by us, Specialized ECU shall have the right to assimilate those items into inventory.


Additional Terms from provided Company


In cases where a client abandons a job or loses communication with us for more than 20 days, they waive their property rights unless a clear reason for the job's suspension was communicated prior in writing by the customer. Phone calls will not suffice as communication, unless that phone call is memorialized by both parties, via email therafter. If the explanation is furnished subsequently, we cannot provide assistance, and the client authorizes us to assimilate their parts into our inventory upon receipt. For delays in shipment it is the responsibility of the customer to contact Specialized ECU via recognized USPS mail services, email, or phone.

Refunds are not available for orders beyond 30 days; only store credit can be issued.

Products are subject to a restocking fee if fitment verification is neglected prior to purchase.

All warranty claims require the prior completion of a warranty form. Failure to do so may result in the addition of a $25 processing fee to the warranty request.

To initiate a return, customers must directly contact us at info@ecudoctors.com. Attempts to initiate any and all chargebacks or external refunds will result in voided warranties and denial of future support until repayment in full is received.

Customers bear the responsibility for providing accurate vehicle details. We disclaim responsibility for inaccuracies.

Failure to properly install control modules after receipt is not the responsibility of Specialized ECU.

The use of our waterproof case does not guarantee an extension of warranty, any future water damage after installation is the responsibility of the customer and not Specialized ECU.

Failure to fill out the repair form but still send parts to our facility acts as acceptance of terms of service. In the event any customer has further questions about our terms of service they will be listed on our website for public access at all times