Porsche 944 Early
Performance Tuning

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Through many years of experience and feedback from the correct network of experienced shop owners and enthusiasts, we have been able to fine-tune and unlock the real power a performance software upgrade can do for your car.

Discover smoother starts, better throttle response and drive ability, improved MPG, and an overall across-the-board power gain.

Usually, power gains are 10+ HP and 15+ ft/lbs. in torque, rediscover your engine potential.

QUANTUNE power upgrades require the use of Premium 91 Gasoline fuel.

NOTE: You need to send you ECU/ DME to our office for the installation of the performance chip as these ECU/ DME's do not have a socket to install the chip. We perform the installation and testing of your computer before sending it back for a guaranteed plug and play solution.



Porsche 944 Early
Performance Tuning