Ferrari 360 ECU
Bosch 0 261 204 841 ME7.3

ECU Fits Years: 1999-2005

Warranty: 1 Year and guaranteed to be Plug and Play once received. 

(No additional programming at all).

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Ferrari 360 ECU BOSCH (0 261 204 841 ME7.3)

For this service send us the: (See image below for reference)

  • (2) Ferrari 360 BOSCH (0 261 204 841 ME7.3) ECU/DME
  • Immobilizer
  • Interface
  • Remote
  • Must include the Service Form filled out.
  • (Note: Pack your ECU Set properly to avoid damage during shipping.)

Ferrari ECU Set

Once we receive your Ferrari 360 BOSCH (0 261 204 841 ME7.3) ECU Set, we will 

  • Visually Inspect
  • Professional Bench test

*Due to the hybrid technology of these units, they cannot be rebuilt like most control units. If the hardware is ever defective, they need to be replaced completely.

After the initial testing is done, we will contact you to inform the results and ask you for approval to complete the Job.

Warranty: 1 Year and guaranteed to be Plug and Play once received. (No additional programming at all).

COMMON SYMPTOMS OF A BAD Ferrari 360 ECU (0 261 204 841 ME7.3):

  • Loss of communication with scanner
  • No Start
  • Car starts once, then it doesn't start anymore
  • Engine only runs on 1 bank
  • Poor Bad Acceleration
  • Poor idle



  • The ECU's for the Ferrari 360 are located behind the cover panels on Left and Right side of the engine compartment, closer to the front of the motor.
  • It is recommended to perform this operation in a covered space.
  • Make sure to rotate the battery disconnect knob in the front trunk to the OFF position to disconnect battery power.
  • Remove all 3mm allen head bolts holding the left and right engine covers.
  • The gas struts holding the rear engine lid need to be undone only from the bottom section, use help to perform this operation one strut at the time.
  • Remove the engine covers from engine compartment.
  • Locate the ECU's and remove the 10mm bolts holding the ECU holder/bracket to the frame of the car.
  • Undo ECU connectors by pushing top black securing clip and moving lever upwards. This operation can be tricky, so be patient.
  • Remove the four 7mm nuts that secure the ECU to the ECU holder/bracket.
  • Installation is done in reverse order. Make sure to secure the 10mm bolts and tighten them securely before attempting to start the car.

    These ECUs also have these alternate Ferrari numbers:

    0 261 204 841














    Ferrari 360 ECU
    Bosch 0 261 204 841 ME7.3