How to install a new ECU

Print ECU Installation Instructions

*NOTE: We recommend an ASE Certified Technician to install the ECU. Please read the ECU installation instructions carefully before you begin to avoid damaging the ECU while installing and to avoid an electrostatic shock.

The ECU Installation is simple & takes about 15 minutes to complete. These instructions are meant to be a generic guide to try fit most cars.

Before reconnecting the ECU make sure that:

  • Battery is charged over 12v
  • Wiring harness is clean and in good condition
  • Any known defective parts have been replaced
  • All ground connections are in good condition and are tightly secured

ECU Installation:

  1. Disconnect negative side of the battery
  2. Connect the ECU
  3. Reconnect the negative side of the battery
  4. Start the car and verify all functions
  5. Test drive the car and check that:
  • Car idles fine
  • Engine light is off
  • Car revs up smoothly
  • No black smoke comes out of the exhaust

If everything is working properly make sure that you secure the ECU correctly and enjoy the ride!

*NOTE: In case of any abnormal behavior associated with the ECU or if the ECU is not working, call us (954) 652-1496 to help you diagnose the problem.

Do not tamper with or try to open the ECU yourself, as this voids the warranty.

We are not responsible for ECU failure due to old defective original components. Towing fees, car rental fees, storage fees or mechanic labor charges are also not our responsibility. No warranty will be awarded if unit is found damaged by water, fire, electrical fire, shock, and manipulation or tampering.

If you have any questions about the installation of your ECU, call (954) 652-1496 or contact us.

To claim the warranty, please call us or use the Warranty Form.

Print ECU Installation Instructions