Porsche 996 Boxster ECU Tester

After 3 years of research we’ve built a new Programmable Porsche ECU Tester which allows us to test all 996, and Boxster ECU / DME's on an entire different scale.
We cover Bosch Motronic ECUs
0 261 204 604
0 261 204 605
0 261 204 790
0 261 206 579
0 261 206 241

Having problems with your Remotes, Alarm or Immobilizer?



We can diagnose and resolve any issue that you have with your Porsche Remotes, Immobilizer or Alarm.

We can also:

  • Add more remotes to your car
  • Replace your immobilizer




  • OBD II connection to Porsche PST2 system for real time data and programming.
  • Alarm Box / CLU / Immobilizer, and Key Remote testing & programming.
  • Oscilloscope output for checking the accuracy of all signals.
ECU Tester emulated signals:
  • Air intake temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Air mass
  • Knock sensors
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Cooling fan signals
  • A/C request
  • AAV valve
  • Throttle position
  • Oil temperature
  • Differential press sensor
  • Camshaft adjustment solenoids
  • Tank venting valve
  • Secondary air system
  • Alarm interface




  • Ideal for people who don’t want to run the risk of their remote going bad and leaving them stranded.
  • Perfect also for engine conversions to early chassis cars for which remotes aren’t necessary.
  • Great for race cup cars. Immobilizer system and wiring can be completely removed from the car making the car almost 20lbs lighter.
  • If you want to change the car to a push-start button system which doesn’t require a key.
  • Most "immo removal" done through software, others need additional hardware.




  • Up to 10% more performance.
  • Customized to your vehicle's specifications (headers, higher octane fuel, exhaust, larger throttle body).
  • We can also do ROW (Rest-of-World) conversions to bypass the secondary air pump and O2 Oxygen sensors.
  • Done through OBD2, or flashed onto the ECU without even opening it up.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied.