Porsche Immobilizer Waterproof Case Solution


For the past 7 years we've fixed 100's of Porsche Immobilizers for Boxsters and 996s.

Water intrusion is the #1 problem.

Our uniquely designed Waterproof Case is the solution, and today it's here.

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Between the years 1997 and 2005, Porsche installed the Immobilizer computer for Boxsters and 996s directly onto the floor of the car, under the driver's seat. If the car gets less than 1 inch of water the Immobilizer will short-circuit, STOP your car and your Remotes will STOP working, ending in a very expensive repair.

Whether it's because of rain, flood, or clogs in the drain tubes, these Immobilizers are always at risk. The going rate for Labor, Replacement and Reprogramming of an Immobilizer module is above $1,200, and you may loose the programming of your Remotes.


Don't let this happen to you!

Porsche Boxster and 911 Immobilizer Water Damaged Unit


Common malfunctions when the Immobilizer gets water damaged:

  • Engine won't crank or start
  • Windows go up or down on their own
  • Alarm horn goes off
  • Convertible top becomes inoperable
  • Interior lights stop working
  • Airbag light will come on
  • Turning signal lights won't work
  • Remotes will not work
  • Doors can not be locked or unlocked
  • Both front and back trunks do not open or close
  • No communication to the DME ECU
  • Radio will not work
  • Can not open the fuel tank cap


The most logical and cost effective solution was to create a Waterproof Case for the Immobilizer.

This enclosure has the benefit of being easy to install, and it is 100% watertight under complete water immersion.

Therefore is water gets into your car your keys will still work and you will be able to start and move your car to clean it and check why water got into the water in the first place.

These are the Installation Instructions (PDF) and, this is a video installation reference.

Our Waterproof Case Fits Porsche Models:
911 / 996
1999 - 2005
Immobilizer Porsche Part Numbers & Models:


We received a lot of good feedback and support from the Forums, our clients and the Porsche community in general.Now it's your chance to prevent this problem from ever stopping your car and avoiding the hassles and inconveniences that happen when your Immobilizer gets water damaged.