Rebuilt and Re-engineered; our upgraded Porsche Climate Control Unit are better than OEM.  With new hardware and software your car's AC system will more efficient and reliable all the time.

Upgrades all model CCU part no.
964 659 047 00 993 659 047 00
964 659 047 01 993 659 047 01


➤ The Newest and Most Efficient HVAC Software

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

Released towards the end of the Porsche 993 model production, "H08" is Porsche's latest HVAC software.

The most efficient climate control software on the market, with some of the most enhanced "shortcut" features available.

Recirculation is automatically activated when the A/C compressor is engaged, speeding up the cooling temperature of the cabin.



 ➤ "Tuned Up" Software for Enhanced Functions

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

We’ve added additional software features to improve vehicle efficiency.

We noticed numerous flaws in the original programming of the CCU, as there was an inherent lack of a "linear" increase of cabin fan speed.

Whenever we would increase fan speed between three and four, the shift was quite abrupt.

We further enhanced the fan speed by mapping the software to operate in a linear fashion, providing a clear and smooth transition.



➤ Redesigned Hardware to Completely Prevent Battery Drain Issues

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

A major problem was the A/C Climate Control unit’s straining of the car battery, which caused severe damage to the overall battery life.

This manufacturer problem required the repair of the CCU.

There are two fans in the car: the Rear CCU fan and the Rear Auxiliary Engine fan. Even after the car has been turned off for twenty minutes, both fans continue running. This can weaken the vehicle battery, and accumulates over the long term, as the battery could stop functioning properly.

We redesigned both the hardware and software to reduce extended “monitoring run times” to just a few seconds!



➤ Updated Software to Avoid Parasitic Fault Codes

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

We’ve updated your vehicle software to prevent potential errors from occurring in the future.

Many mechanics might be confounded by our work, due to the fact that it is almost impossible to have a CCU that is void of any fault codes; however, we wanted to prevent the costly diagnostics process for both vehicle owners and technicians.

We took care of the software flaws that caused the parasitic fault codes that would otherwise make diagnostics difficult and confusing.




➤ Enabled Scanner Diagnostic Capabilities for Early 964s

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

In the early 964 Porsche models, it was impossible to read the CCU’s memory, which would have defined the problems within the HVAC system.

Diagnosing problems within the HVAC system used to be time-consuming. Mechanics would inspect the entire vehicle to diagnose the origins of the issue.

Our upgraded CCU enables full fault code reading, to efficiently diagnose the system, preventing endless diagnostic processes. Similarly, it is now possible to perform drive link activations, verify sensors actual values, and confirm input signals from CCU commands!




➤  Extensive Diagnostics Documentation and Troubleshooting Guide

New H08 software for Porsche 911 964 993 climate control units

We provide detailed documentation to ensure that each part of your vehicle’s HVAC system is working properly.

Regardless of personal experience or knowledge, our simple troubleshooting guide helps you understand the system processes, with language in layman’s terms.

Whether you need information on how to check the Rear Auxiliary Engine Fan, or how to access each individual Servo Motor Flap and Valve, all necessary information is provided within the guide.

We provide you with the clearest possible directions, so that you can always have a hassle-free experience.




Jose Pain


Marcelo Barbalace

Research and Development Engineer

Fernando Barbalace

Technician / Programmer

Juan Pinon


Maria Pain


Eric Pomerantz

Tech Department Manager



Diego Solis

Sales Manager

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