Ferrari 355 DIAVIA HVAC A/C Climate control
ECU 64324800 - Repair

ECU Fits Years: 1994-1999

Warranty: 5 Years

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Ferrari 355 DIAVIA HVAC A/C Climate control ECU (64324800)

You are purchasing a repair service; we will need you to send your Climate control ECU to our office to properly inspect, diagnose and repair your defective climate control ECU. We perform bench tests for the ultimate in diagnostic reliability, ensuring that you receive a Plug and play product, Guaranteed!

Your climate control ECU will be inspected and tested, then we will report to you to obtain your approval for the repair. If needed, a report from our technician will be included about the diagnosis and the solution provided for your ECU.

Note that we have developed a bespoke bench test setup for this application and your Climate control ECU will be tested before reporting back to you.

NOTE: Repair Form must be filled out BEFORE you ship the ECU.

If you think that your Climate control ECU is causing problems in your car, send us your ECU through our Repair Service Program and we will diagnose your ECU to confirm whether your ECU is good or bad. If, however, your ECU is in good condition, testing is only $149.

Our standard Process for Testing Before We Repair Anything:

  1. We start with a complete visual inspection.
  2. We test communication with proper diagnostics equipment “If applicable”
  3. We perform a bench test.
  4. Lastly, we report findings to customers for approval of repair.

Bad Climate control ECU Common Symptoms:

  • Fan control knob will not respond to fan speeds.
  • No operation of Blend motors
  • No operation of Recycle flap motor


Repairs take between 5 to 7 days once we receive the unit at our offices.


Climate control location

Climate control unit is placed in this location under carpet material.

Ferrari 355 DIAVIA HVAC A/C Climate control
ECU 64324800 - Repair