Ferrari Key fob remote Integrated remote + key blade

Frequency options: US 315MHz or EU 433 MHz

Warranty: 1 Year

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Exclusive product of Specialized ECU Repair, key blade style F430 for your 355 - 360 - 456 - 550 - 575.

We are proud to present the integrated key blade design for your 355-360 -456 - 550 - 575, the 2 in 1 solution provides a brand-new remote control and the correct key blade integrated in an F430 design key blade enclosure.

The solution adds the convenience of carrying the key blade and the remote control in one package.

* The blade of the key comes as a blank and a locksmith will need to cut it.

Features of our unique integrated key fob design:

  • New design with the latest technology available
  • Lithium-ion battery that lasts 250% longer
  • 100% compatible with the original system
  • Accurate and correct key blade
  • High quality remote fob enclosure

This listing is for (1) RED MASTER Ferrari key fob remote:

(1) Red Master (with a NEW *4-digit PIN code)

You must have the current 4-digit PIN code found inside your car's alarm control unit. Otherwise, we can extract it at an additional cost.
Please contact us more for details.

  • USA: 315 MHz
  • EURO: 433 MHz


To adapt your new remote controls to the car alarm, you will need the existing original PIN code, currently programmed in the alarm control unit.

Following the correct procedure and if your OLD PIN code is correct, the alarm control unit will enter learning mode waiting for a NEW RED MASTER FOB to be pressed and a new PIN code to be transmitted and learned on the alarm control unit. At the same time, up to 2 standard black remotes can be added for a total of 3 remotes.

* BONUS * If you still have an existing regular Black Fob, you can also add it to the Alarm as the 3rd and final remote control.




Ferrari Key fob remote Integrated remote + key blade