Porsche Boxster
Immobilizer Removal (for Racing*)

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Porsche Boxster Immobilizer Removal (for Racing*):

The Immo Removal service is a software and hardware upgrade that we do on the ECU to emulate Immobilizer Box's (also called Alarm Box or CLU) "permission" to start the car.

This is done by installing our proprietary Immobilizer Removal Memory Adapter under the CPU which imitates the Immobilizer's signal to the DME. Afterwards. no programming is required; your Porsche 996 ECU will be ready to be plugged onto the car to start and run.

* This upgrade should be used for race cars only since the CEL will come on.

** You must keep the Immobilizer Box in the car for the door locks, interior lights and windows to work as usual.


Porsche Boxster Immobilizer Removal


When you send us the DME, send us the DME Set (DME, Alarm Box/Immobilizer, and 1 Key)

Top reasons why you would want to remove the Immobilizer from your Porsche 996 Boxster:

  • Your car will never leave you stranded when your remote stops working.
  • Save about $200 from having to buy new Key Remotes.
  • Perfect to lighten up race cars, because you can remove the extra weight in control units and wiring from the car.
  • If you want to change your ignition switch system to a Push-Start button.


Porsche Boxster
Immobilizer Removal (for Racing*)