Ferrari 355 F355 ECU
Bosch 0 261 204 186 M5.2 - Repair

ECU Fits Years: 1996-1999

Warranty: 5 Years

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For this service send us the ECU/DME, Immobilizer, Interface and Remote with the Repair Form filled out.

(Note: Pack your ECU Set properly to avoid damage during shipping.)

     Ferrari F355 Set

Once we receive your ECU Set, we will 

  • Visually Inspect
  • Professional Bench test

After the initial testing is done we will contact you to inform the results and ask you for approval to complete the Job.

Average Job turn around: 5 days

Warranty: 5 Years and guaranteed to be Plug and Play once received. (No additional programming at all).

Note: Repair Form must be filled out BEFORE you ship the ECU SET

If your ECU is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it with a fully rebuilt ECU at NO additional cost.



Ferrari 355 F355 ECU Location 0261204186 0 261 204 186


This ECU also has these alternate Ferrari numbers

  • 176232
  • 174846
  • 172859
  • 170563
  • 168600

Common Symptoms of a Bad Ferrari 355 ECU:

  • No start
  • Car Misfires
  • No Acceleration
  • Loss of communication with scanner
  • Poor idle
  • The car stalls when stopping


How to install the ECU

General Technical ECU Troubleshooting Guide

Ferrari 355 F355 ECU
Bosch 0 261 204 186 M5.2 - Repair