Ferrari 355 F355 Immobilizer Bypass Module

PRICE: $875.00


**NOTE: The original immobilizer Interface with part number: 168509 does NOT need to be sent into our office in advance.  Our By-Pass module will be plug&play when you receive it.

Our new Immobilizer Bypass Module eliminates the “drive-block” function in your USA production Ferrari.

This means that you will not need your remotes to start the car. Our By-Pass module will not affect the security system of your car and you still need the remotes to luck/unlock the doors.

You will now have peace of mind that you will never be inconvenienced or incur in additional expenses if you loose or break your Ferrari remotes.

Here is a YouTube Video showing how the module works:



Ferrari 355 Immobilizer Alarm Location
Ferrari 355 ECU Location



How to install the ECU

INSTRUCTIONS - Ferrari Immobilizer Bypass Module (PDF)