Ferrari 360
Immobilizer Bypass Module

Fits Years: 1996 - 2005

Warranty: 5 Years

** Check NOTES below

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**NOTE: The Original Immobilizer Interface with part number: 168509 needs to be sent to our office first. We will retrieve important DATA that is needed to complete the programming of the Immobilizer Bypass module.

Our new Immobilizer Bypass Module eliminates the “Immobilizer or Drive Block” function in your USA or EUROPEAN production Ferrari. This upgrade eliminates the trouble of needing to push the remote twice to get the car to crank and start.

This upgrade will also save you in the event your remotes stop working and you need to drive or move the car.

Our Bypass module does not affect the car's security system. You will still need to use remotes to lock and unlock your car.

Please note that the alarm system in the Ferrari 360 was designed to always need the remotes to "ARM and DISARM" the ALARM system. The ALARM system cannot be disabled from the driver's side door lock.

NOTE: Your ALARM and IMMOBILIZER system needs to be working in perfect order for the IMMOBILIZER bypass to work correctly. 


Immo alarm location


Ferrari 360
Immobilizer Bypass Module