Porsche 924 S ECU DME
Bosch 0 261 200 086 - Exchange NEW DESIGN

ECU Fits Years: 1986 - 1988

Exchange Price: $499.00 + $200 Core Charge

Warranty: 5 Years

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Porsche 924 S 2.5L ECU (0 261 200 086).

Brand new development from Specialized ECU Repair, we have researched and re design the old and unreliable ML3.1 DME. Our years of experience rebuilding the old design allow us to understand it's weaknesses and benefits.

Our design benefits from 99% of SMD/SMT " surface mounted devices" installed on the board also metallized thru holes for guaranteed reliability and no future cold solder joints. Using SMD/SMT components makes our new design perform much better than the original DME by better handle of current and temperature allowing the engine to operate much better with better injector and spark control.

Our new DME allows for the replacement of factory chips or "Eproms" allowing you to install your favorite performance Chips! 100% compatible with your 924 S 2.5L, plug and play, no modifications necessary.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Porsche 924 S 2.5L ECU/ DME:

  • Car will not start.
  • Misfires/ Stalls.
  • No Signal to Coil/ No Spark.
  • No Injector Pulse/ No Fuel.
  • Occasional Erratic Idle.

Porsche 924 S 2.5L ECU/DME Part Numbers:

0 261 200 058
0 261 200 077
0 261 200 086
0 261 200 089



CORE CHARGE is a deposit that we collect to ensure that the exchange is complete. When we receive your Porsche 924 2.5L ECU (0 261 200 086) DME/ ECU core at our office, we will refund the core charge to your credit card.

Your old DME/ ECU must be returned within 5 days of the delivery date to receive a refund of the core deposit. You may be subject to additional charges, in addition to a canceled warranty, if you do not return your old DME/ ECU within 5 days of receiving the new rebuilt DME/ ECU.

DME/ ECU's returned in NON-REBUILDABLE condition, such as HEAVY WATER DAMAGE, FIRE DAMAGE or INTERNALLY MANIPULATED; may receive a partial refund or no refund at all.

FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ONLY There is an additional $ 100 core charge included in shipping charges that count towards the core charge deposit. Once we receive the DEFECTIVE ECU core back, you will be refunded the original core charge plus the additional $100.


Ecu location

The DME/ ECU is located under the steering column.




Porsche 924 S ECU DME
Bosch 0 261 200 086 - Exchange NEW DESIGN