Porsche 944 ECU DME
Bosch 0 261 200 058 - Repair

ECU Fits Years: 1985 - 1988

Warranty: 5 Years

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You are purchasing a repair service; we will need you to send your DME/ ECU to our office to properly inspect, diagnose and repair your defective DME. We perform bench and vehicle tests for the ultimate in diagnostic reliability, ensuring that you receive a Plug and play product, Guaranteed!

Your DME will be inspected and tested, then we will report to you to obtain your approval for the repair, if needed, a report from our technician will be included about the diagnosis and the solution provided for your DME.

The Porsche 944 Bosch DME/ ECU was designed and made in the 1980s, at the time it was cutting edge technology. Over time, the DME/ ECU and its components began to develop problems, making it unreliable in its operation. Our reconstruction services cover the repair and preventive maintenance required for the DME/ ECU to operate at 100% optimal performance.

We have engine bench simulators and dedicated physical tester cars to ensure diagnosis and repairs, also to help with advice on fixing problems with your engine electronics.

ECU/ DME Bad Common Symptoms:

  • Car will not start.
  • Misfires/ Stalls.
  • No Signal to Coil/ No Spark.
  • No Injector Pulse/ No Fuel.
  • Occasional Erratic Idle.

This Porsche ECU/DME Part Numbers:

  • 0 261 200 058 - 0 261 200 077 - 0 261 200 086 - 0 261 200 089
  • 0261200058 - 0261200077 - 0261200086 - 0261200089
  • 944 618 121 02 - 944 618 121 04 - 944 618 121 05 - 944 618 121 06
  • 94461812102 - 94461812104 - 94461812105 - 94461812106



Ecu location
ECU LOCATION 0 261 200 058

The DME/ ECU of your 944 is located under the carpet in the foot rest area on the passenger's side. To remove it, you will need the following tools:

  • Medium size Phillips screwdriver
  • Medium size Flat screwdriver
  • Start by pushing the passenger seat back as far as you can, remove the floor mat.
    The carpet is attached at the top with Velcro. Pull the carpet back to locate the protective wood foot board. The foot board will be held by 4 Phillips screws and washers, remove and set aside.

    The DME/ ECU is attached to a supporting metal frame, locate and remove the 2 Phillips screws at the bottom of the frame and the 2 plastic screw retainers that secure the metal frame.

    With the frame released from its location, gently pull it back; then locate and remove the remaining 4 Phillips screws that hold the DME / ECU against the metal frame.

    After releasing the DME / ECU from the metal frame, carefully remove the main connector by pushing the silver tab on the side of the DME and carefully pulling the main connector.



    Porsche 944 ECU DME
    Bosch 0 261 200 058 - Repair