Porsche 944 Turbo KLR
Bosch 0 261 201 014 - Repair

KLR Fits Years: 1986-1988

Warranty: 5 Years

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When you choose the repair service you send your unit to our location. Once we receive the unit, we test and diagnose the unit. Then we repair it, if it is needed, and we send it back to you with a report of what caused the unit to go bad.

When sending your unit for Repair, send us the DME and KLR Set:

DME  ECU and KLR Set

There are times when both the ECU/DME and KLR are the cause of the problem in the car, and this helps us diagnose the issue much faster and accurately.

NOTE: Repair Form must be filled out BEFORE you ship the ECU and KLR.

The average time for the repair process is 5 days once we receive the ECU/DME and KLR set at our office.


Ecu location

The DME/ ECU/ KRL of your 944 is located under the carpet in the footrest area on the passenger's side. To remove it, you will need the following tools:

  • Medium size Phillips screwdriver
  • Medium size Flat screwdriver
  • Start by pushing the passenger seat back as far as you can, remove the floor mat.
    The carpet is attached at the top with Velcro. Pull the carpet back to locate the protective wood foot board. The foot board will be held by 4 Phillips screws and washers, remove and set aside.

    The DME/ ECU is attached to a supporting metal frame, locate and remove the 2 Phillips screws at the bottom of the frame and the 2 plastic screw retainers that secure the metal frame.
    With the frame released from its location, gently pull it back; then locate and remove the remaining 4 Phillips screws that hold the DME / ECU against the metal frame.
    After releasing the DME / ECU from the metal frame, carefully remove the main connector by pushing the silver tab on the side of the DME and carefully pulling the main connector.


    Porsche 944 Turbo KLR
    Bosch 0 261 201 014 - Repair