Porsche 964 ECU DME
Bosch 0 261 200 450 - Exchange

ECU Fits Years: 1989-1993

Exchange Price: $799.00 + $300 Core Charge

Warranty: 5 Years

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If you choose the exchange service, we will send you a Rebuilt ECU/DME from our stock. 

Once you receive our rebuilt ECU/DME, then send back your defective ECU/DME core.


The CORE CHARGE is a deposit that we collect to ensure that the exchange is completed. When we receive your ECU/DME core at our office, we refund the core charge back to your credit card.

Your old ECU/DME must be returned within 5 days of the delivered date in order to receive the refund of the core deposit. You may be subject to additional charges, in addition to a canceled warranty, if you do not return your old ECU/DME within 5 days of receiving your new rebuilt ECU/DME.

ECU/DME's returned in NON-REBUILDABLE condition, such as HEAVY WATER DAMAGE, FIRE DAMAGE or MANIPULATED ECU/DME'S; may receive a partial refund, or no refund at all.

*FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ONLY* There is an additional $ 100 Core included in the shipping charges which count towards the core charge deposit. Once we receive the ECU core back, you will be refunded the original core charge plus the additional $ 100.


This Porsche 964 ECU DME fits cars from 1989-1993.

ECU/DME LOCATION 0 261 200 450 / 0261200450


Common Symptoms of a Bad Porsche 964 ECU:
  • Car will not start
  • Intermittent Fault Code 33 For Knock Control
  • Running Rough/Running Rich
  • Loss of Throttle Response
  • Occasional Erratic Idle


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How to install the ECU

Porsche 964 Pinout

Porsche 964 Wiring Diagram

General Technical ECU
Troubleshooting Guide

Porsche 964 ECU DME
Bosch 0 261 200 450 - Exchange