Porsche 993 Turbo Performance
ECU Tuning Flash

Fits Years: 1995-1998

Warranty: 30 days

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ECU Flashes are done in-house with our own proprietary tools. Therefore, we can provide an all-around solution free of Fault Codes and Check Engine Lights.

Your ECU will be ready to start and run as soon as you connect it to the car - no programming required.

Since you will have to send us the ECU for us to flash it, we'll pay for the Shipping and Handling of your ECU Round-Trip.

Note: When you send us the DME, send it with the Alarm Box/Immobilizer, and 1 Key. We have a Dedicated ECU Bench Tester for Porsche Boxster units that work with this Set. If your car was made Rest-Of-World "ROW", call us first with your car's VIN #.


With our vast experience in Porsche ECU repair, we are proud to offer our QUANTUNE Performance ECU Tuning Flash.

The software upgrades in these Performance files are specifically designed for Porsche 993s.

When we ship the DME back to you it will be ready to install in the car and run - Plug & Play.

Porsche ECU Tuning Flash Upgrade Features:

  • +15% Horsepower
  • +20% Torque
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • SAI / Secondary Air Injection Bypass (*Additional Charge)
  • Secondary Post Catalytic O2 Sensor Bypass (*Additional Charge)

Since the Quantune Performance ECU Tuning Flash is made specific to your Porsche 993, we will need your car's Bosch ECU number.

* Porsche 993 Turbo with Bosch DME number 0 261 203 758 needs a special memory adapter in order to flash in the performance upgrade.

Stage 1 Porsche 993 Performance ECU Tuning Flash


0 261 204 377

0 261 203 758


$ 499.00

$ 999.00


2 - 3 days

3 - 5 days

The QUANTUNE Performance ECU Tuning Flash includes:
Performance ECU Tuning Flash

For OFF ROAD purposes, we can also help you pass your state's smog test if the readiness monitors do not reset in your Porsche 993.
This is an OBDII upgrade that resets the emission flags and clears the Check Engine Light.


Porsche 993 Turbo Performance
ECU Tuning Flash