Porsche 996 Immobilizer
CLU Alarm Module M535
Plug and Play 996 618 260 01

Fits Years: 1999-2004

Exchange Price: $1,683.00 

Warranty: 5 Years

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$1,683.00 1,683.00


Porsche 996 Immobilizer CLU Alarm Module Exchange Service:

You are purchasing an EXCHANGE SERVICE product, upon receipt of the ECU/ DME Set in our office, we will diagnose, program and replace your defective M535 Porsche Immobilizer CLU control unit.

As always, once we finish programming and exchanging your Immobilizer, we will proceed to test it in our dedicated tester vehicles ensuring you receive a Plug and play set, Guaranteed!

For this service it is necessary to send to our office the
ECU/ DME, Immobilizer Module and all the existing Keys/ Fobs
with the completed Service Form.


Porsche installed the 996 immobilizer/ M535 immobilizer CLU (Central locking Unit/ Immobilizer) in a vulnerable location under the driver's seat, making it prone to water damage. Leaving the convertible top open during heavy rain, clogged rain drains, or bad sunroof seals will flood the car interior and sadly the first thing that goes bad is the M535 Immobilizer Central locking unit CLU.

Once the CLU gets wet, there is no reliable way to clean it as the corrosion will start immediately and eventually the system will stop working.

This severe damage will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to correct at the dealership.

WE CAN HELP YOU! Our exchange service will get you back on the road saving you hundreds of dollars. We will provide you with a Brand-new Immobilizer unit "Never Wet" and we will exhaust all possibilities to save the programming of your remotes.

We can also provide you with new remotes and Key cut service. Take advantage of the best service available.

We include a bottle of DeoxIT D-Series to clean any corrosion on the Immobilizer harness connector.

If you think that your ECU is causing problems in your car, send us your engine computer through our Repair Service Program and we will diagnose your ECU to confirm whether your ECU is good or bad. If, however, your ECU is in good condition, testing is only $149.

Our 4 Stage Process for Testing Before We Repair Anything:

  1. We start with a complete visual inspection.
  2. We then check the software and programming.
  3. We perform a bench test.
  4. Lastly, we do dynamic test in the same model car.


  • No crank , no start condition.
  • Intermittent no start.
  • The car's alarm siren goes off on its own for no reason.
  • Door windows go up and down on their own.
  • Convertible top will not operate.
  • Interior lights will not operate.



Only for Part number: 996.618.260.01 / 996 618 260 01 / 99661826001







  • How many keys do you have for this car?

    We like to receive ALL the keys that are available in order to test them. If a remote is dead, sometimes we can bring them back to life.

    ***Note: We cannot program USED keys that belonged to other cars UNLESS if they come with their original  "white tag" which has the codes to program them.

  • Does your car "crank" but not "start"?

    If YES, then your immobilizer security system is working correctly, and your problem most likely will be elsewhere in the system of the car. In this case you should scan the car for fault codes in order to get an idea of what the issue might be that prevents the car from starting.

    If NO, and your car DOES NOT even CRANK, then your issue could be that the immobilizer got water damaged and it needs to be replaced to get the car started again.
  • I cannot open the Rear Trunk or the Front Luggage compartment in order to remove the ECU.

    Check out this page for tutorials on how to easily open these compartments to access the car's battery in the front luggage compartment and ECU in the rear trunk.
  • Can you program additional keys while you fix my immobilizer problems?

    Yes, and you have 2 key options.

    MASTER Key, to start the car and has a CLICKER to open the doors. (Price $354)

    VALET Key, which does not have a clicker but you can open the door from the outside door lock and start the car with. (Price $99)

Porsche 996 Immobilizer
CLU Alarm Module M535
Plug and Play 996 618 260 01